Lamenting the loss of a Muse

When writing this poem on the topic of losing a muse I kept hearing this song in my head and ended up writing it with the melody of this song. Below is a video containing the song that helped bring this poem to life. The song is A Deus from The Grandia II soundtrack (one of many great songs on the soundtrack) which was included with the game.

Disclaimer I do not own Grandia II or its soundtrack all rights belong the creators.

My Muse has disappeared or runaway

Leaving other figures in its stead

If only despair and melancholy would entice my  creativity

They instead inspire one to sit and stare

If only isolation and solitude brought inspiration to me

I need you to relight the flame of my soul
before it dims out

In darkest hours my deepest levels of grief

I need you here to turn my strife into art

Please don’t leave me! don’t forsake me

lest not now!

please return as for not, in pain I drown

Please come back here don’t not leave me

come back  or I’ll die