Here is a Flash Fiction piece I wrote based on and containing  the Daily Post prompt Expert.

 Level by J.R. Bradley

James had finally made it past the checkpoint and to the roof of the building where the helicopter pickup would be. He managed to get by every foe undetected and physically unscathed. Awesome I’m on a roll here, he mused to himself looking out over the roof top at the sea of twinkling lights. Any minute now, he impatiently mumbled while waiting for his ride off the building.

 Suddenly he sensed movement behind him. One of the infected  young men emerged from the stairs leading to the roof. James stood stock still as to not attract attention but to no avail, the infected man had noticed him “dang!” he looked around and saw no other means of safe escape or hiding. The young man smiled and began towards him and was joined by a few others. “Dang!” he exclaimed again, he thought he had went about this the right way however at this rate he would surely be hit or attacked and at the least become infected as well. I could really use a do over he thought to himself as he looked over his shoulder and began running towards the edge of the roof as the group of the infected  gave chase.

 He jumped and began the decent towards the sparkling city below. He turned his body so he wouldn’t see the ground coming closer. He closed his eyes and waited for the thud and the pain.

Soon the darkness was broken by the words: Player: 1 Level: Expert.  Score:9800.  Do you want to continue?

Yes, he answered subconsciously.  Instantly he was back at the checkpoint, this time he would get it right.


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