Great news!

Like the last post I made stated writing the story often times is on half the battle. Finding a good match in a publisher (be it a website, magazine or anthology) is a serious job. So one can imagine I’ve been receiving quite a few rejections for my submissions. As an author you have to take it all in stride. Recently I read an article in Writer’s Digest about ways to celebrate different rejection milestones such as your 1st rejection, 10th rejection and so forth. It cheered me up with its humor as I’m sure I’ve reached one of the milestones (I haven’t officially counted how many rejections I’ve received.) Wouldn’t you know the weekend I read this article I made yet another submission. A couple of days later I go to check my email and scan the message for the typical Thank you for your submission –rejection. Only to be surprised with congratulations! So I will be having a short story published in September! Look forward to more information on that soon! As you know I’ve been doing music reviews at and you can read my latest review here.


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